Spartacus – 3 seasons [2010-2013]


Description: The inspiration behind this series is the Thracian Gladiator Spartacus, who led a slave uprising against the Roman Republic. The Thracians had been persuaded by Claudius Glaber to serve as auxiliaries in the Roman legions in a campaign against the Getae, who had often plundered Thracian lands. However after Glaber reneges on the deal and switches his attentions from the Getae to attack Mithridates in Asia Minor, the Thracians feel betrayed and mutiny. Captured by Glaber, Spartacus is condemned to death as a Gladiator, whilst his wife Sura is condemned to slavery. Spartacus, however, proves to be a formidable gladiator, and defeats the four gladiators tasked with executing him. He becomes a favorite of the crowd, leading Senator Albinius to commute his death sentence to a life of slavery. Spartacus is purchased by Batiatus for gladiator training, who promises to help him find Sura if he proves himself in training. As the series develops, the story follows the betrayals and machinations…

Creator: Steven S. DeKnight

Stars: Andy Whitfield, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett

Taglines: Some legends are written in blood.


  • In September 2010, Andy Whitfield (Spartacus) announced that he would not be able to appear in the second season because he had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and was pursuing aggressive medical treatment. In January 2011, the Starz network announced that Australian actor Liam McIntyre had been chosen to replace Whitfield as Spartacus. In September 2011, Whitfield died at the age of 39.
  • The Late Andy Whitfield died at the age of 39; roughly the same age as his on screen character Spartacus at the time of his death. Some historians have dated Spartacus to have been between the ages of 37 and 40 at the time of his death in 71. B.C. The most commonly agreed age, was 38 years old.
  • For the orgy scenes, the producers hired a New Zealand company that works on sexual gatherings professionally and instructed them to do whatever they wanted on camera. Then they would edit what was too much for Starz.
  • Oenomaeus, Gannicus, Crixus, and Spartacus were each Champions at one point, but came to it differently. Crixus and Gannicus were both Champions of the House of Batiatus before becoming Champion of Capua. Oenomaeus was solely Champion of the House, never becoming Champion of Capua, and Spartacus was never Champion of the House.
  • According to historians, two out of every three gladiators survived their matches.
  • Spartacus’ true name is never revealed throughout the entire show.
  • Prominent Gladiators in the series had names describing either their victories or their fighting prowess. Arkadios was “The Scourge of Athens.” Barca was “The Beast of Carthage.” Crixus was “The Undefeated Gaul.” Theokoles was “The Shadow of Death.” Spartacus had a few names: “The Bringer of Rain” (the most frequently used) “Slayer of Theokoles,” “Slayer of the Shadow,” and “Bringer of Death.”
  • Viva Bianca and Andy Whitfield kept getting in trouble while filming their sex scene because they couldn’t stop laughing.

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